One of the most important factors in buying eyelashes is knowing what they are made of. In addition to the different application techniques, the material they are made of is key, so when you find your trusted eyelash vendor, ask them what kind they are.

All women want to highlight their eyes and have an impactful look. The way you have your eyebrows completely changes the frame of your face, but certainly the eyes can too.

For years the cosmetics industry has been constantly evolving to enhance the eyes, with mascara, among other makeup products. However, today it is eyelash extensions that set the trend for unforgettable eyes.

Many women, beyond aesthetic reasons, are looking to buy eyelashes because their own are too weak, short or simply sparse. False eyelashes have also evolved in different materials, so here we will tell you what some of them are made of.

Synthetic Lashes

Synthetic lashes are manufactured using synthetic polymers. They are quite different from natural lashes because they are generally shinier and thicker.

This type of lashes are preferred by women who like to wear heavy makeup and achieve a more dramatic, fuller look. Because of the material they are made of and because they are quite striking, they are usually used for a specific event only.

The fact that these lashes look a bit more artificial makes them known as “false eyelashes” to many, however, despite that, many women prefer them because the extension is always longer and the curl is maintained very well.

Silk lashes

If you have wondered what eyelashes are made of, you should know that it is possible to find silk lashes on the market. These are also made of a synthetic material, however they are lighter and have less glitter compared to synthetic lashes.

Because they have less shine, they look a little more natural, and because they are more porous, they stick much faster and tend to be more durable.

Mink lashes

These lashes are made from natural hair, not human, but animal hair. Some suppliers use mink hair to make them, and because they are made of natural hair, the appearance is obviously much more realistic, they are softer and thinner.

Many environmental movements have questioned the material from which eyelashes like these are made as they have denounced animal abuse. However, there are many companies that have been able to demonstrate that they have obtained mink’s hair without harming it.

Mink lashes are the most natural looking of all the lashes on the market, but they are the ones that you will constantly have to curl or comb, as they are very soft and silky and tend to lose the curved shape you want.

There is a whole technology to manufacture eyelashes, and although there are some made with natural hair, the synthetic ones do not go out of fashion because of certain advantages they also offer. Ask your eyelashes supplier which ones are best suited to your eye type and the occasion.


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