When caring for your blonde human hair wig, it is important to avoid the sun. Using hair oils can help keep your wig in great shape. You should also wash it regularly. Wig care products are designed specifically for this purpose. You should avoid bleaching your wig and always dry it on a towel after washing.

Avoiding sun exposure

Avoiding sunlight is an important aspect of caring for blonde human hair wigs. Sunlight damages the delicate fibers of wigs and should be avoided at all costs. This can be done by using a hat or scarf when outside and by spraying it with a UV protectant.

To avoid the damaging effects of the sun, use products with UV protection, such as Velvasil Leave-In Conditioner. Another great product for natural hair wigs is Remy Soft Blue Max Protective Sealer. It contains Jojoba, which closely resembles the natural oil that a hair follicle produces. This product is specially designed to protect human hair systems from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Using hair oils to maintain a blonde wig

When maintaining a blonde human hair wig, it is important to use natural hair oils. You should apply these oils to the entire length of the wig. It is also helpful to use a moisturising conditioner. However, do not apply the hair oils to the hair on the crown area.

Human hair wigs need moisture to stay fresh. Exposure to dry air and salt water can cause the hair to break. Furthermore, exposure to chlorine and saltwater can weaken the hair. Therefore, regular washing is essential. Some oils work better than others.

Washing a blonde wig regularly

The first step to maintaining a beautiful wig is to keep it clean. Regular shampoo contains chemicals that are bad for natural hair, and will deteriorate your wig’s quality. It will also strip its natural oils, making it feel dry and increase its shedding rate. However, you can find wig shampoos that are specifically designed for human hair wigs, which will make your cleaning task a breeze.

For best results, shampoo your wig once a week, which should remove all the buildup that could damage your wig’s hair. It is also advisable to avoid drying it in the sun, which can fade the color of your wig. Once you’ve finished washing your wig, make sure you rinse it thoroughly.

Using wig care products designed specifically for wigs

When you’re trying to maintain the beautiful color of your blonde human hair wig, it is important to use products designed for wigs. Wigs, especially ones made of human hair, tend to dry out much quicker than your natural hair does, so you’ll need to make sure you keep your wig moisturized. For this purpose, you can use lightweight hair oils and serums such as those made by Champo Haircare.

First, always brush out your wig thoroughly before washing it. To reduce breakage, wait until the hair is about 90% dry before rinsing it. Wet wigs are particularly vulnerable to breakage, so make sure you wash it gently with light strokes.


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