Blotting is the act of absorbing moisture or liquid from a surface. Therefore, blotting paper is an absorbent material that absorbs moisture and oil from surfaces, including your face (blotting paper for face). The natural blotting paper is the most popular type because it is made from sustainable material. This post looks at precautions for using blotting paper for the face. 

Top precautions to take when using blotting paper for face

When using blotting paper, you must take some precautions. Some of these precautions include;

1. Do not leave the blotting paper on your face for too long

One of the most significant instructions for using blotting paper is that you only let it sit on your skin for a few seconds. The best blotting sheet brands are made with mineral oil or synthetic oils. Some are even powdered. When you let the sheets sit on your face for a long time, the mineral oils end up clogging your pores. This can cause significant skin damage, especially if acne-prone or sensitive skin.

Even with natural blotting sheets, the risk of clogged pores is still prevalent. What happens is that the oil you are trying to eliminate from your skin will end up getting back into your pores instead of staying on the sheet.

2. Always use thin sheets

When using blotting paper, you must ensure only to use thin sheets. This way, you do not have to worry about the paper tampering with other products on your face. It also allows the blotting paper to absorb as much oil as possible.

3. Understand the impact of using blotting paper on your sunscreen

When using blotting paper on your face does more than eliminate oil and moisture from your skin. Applying sunscreen absorbs the skin and creates a film on top to protect you from the sun. The absorbent properties of blotting paper can remove the sunscreen from your face and leave your skin vulnerable. Therefore, you may want to consider this when using blotting paper and sunscreen.

4. Blotting paper is not a permanent solution for oily skin

You must also understand that blotting paper is not a permanent solution to oily skin. Using blotting paper for the face is like a band-aid on an injury. It only helps eliminate excess oil and does not handle the issue at any other level. Therefore, it would be wise to visit a professional for advice on managing your oily skin and using oily skin-specific products.


One of the best things about blotting paper for the face is that you can use them anytime and anywhere. This is because they come in small packages. For this reason, most people end up using the sheets in the office, lift, and other areas where they do not have proper disposal plans. This way, they end up putting back the used blotting sheets in their bags. This can be disgusting and highly unsanitary. Therefore, it would be wise to have a ziplock bag or a plan for blotting sheet disposal if you plan to use it anywhere.


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