Diamond is one of the rarest gemstones on this planet and thus has always been a sign of luxury. There was a time when only the royal families and elite class were able to wear and afford this precious mineral. However, this rule has changed in modern times with the introduction of different clarity grades in diamonds.

SI clarity grade diamond is one of the most demanded grades in the diamond market. If you’re also looking to buy si diamonds, you should first learn about it a little so that you can distinguish fake from real. In this article, SI diamond is discussed in detail. So read till the end!

What Is an Si Clarity Diamond?

Many people are not clear about the SI clarity grades of a diamond. So, what is SI diamond and clarity grade? A clarity grade is the level of imperfections and inclusions that effects the free path of light that crosses from within the gemstone. These grades in diamond vary significantly from the finest grade, which is called Flawless (F), to the lowest grade, known as Included (I), with every other grade in between.

The initials SI imply ‘slightly included,’ which is the finest grade amongst the lower grades. It is also the only grade that gives you the value for money that you expect. It does have imperfections, but only an expert could be able to tell. On the other hand, if you or any other person takes a look from an average distance, it will look like a gorgeous stone.

SI1 And SI2 Clarity

To distinguish more between the diamond imperfections, the slightly included clarity diamond is further divided into two types, namely, SI1 and SI2. The SI1 refers to a high-grade diamond, and you will have absolutely no problem finding a pair with almost invisible inclusions.

On the other hand, SI2 diamonds have a tad bit more imperfections as compared to SI1. But that does not mean you can’t buy a good SI2 clarity-grade diamond. It could be a little challenging, but with a little time and effort, you can surely get your hands on something with little to no naked eye visible imperfections. It is highly recommended that while shopping for SI2 diamond, make sure to take a good look on a trusted and authorized laboratory grade reports, for example, AGS or GIA.

Types Of Clarity Features in SI Diamond

When buying an SI diamond, there are some clarity features one should get really asses and be conscious about. The most common imperfections in the diamonds are pinpricks, cloudy formations, and inclusions. Some cracks, also known as twinning wisps, also play a major role in the clarity grade of the diamond. These features can be small or large in size and could appear in any color.

The thing to notice the most is that if these features are more minor as well as white, the clarity will be affected more rather than if they are large or appear darker in color. In addition, the clarity also severely downgrades because of the placement of these imperfections. Look for diamonds with these features on the edges and not in the middle or near the surface.

The Bottom line

Before investing in a clarity-grade diamond, make sure to do your own research. If you’re still not sure, talk to an expert or take their professional advice. Asses all the clarity features with utmost alertness. Make sure to take a look at the clarity grade report to confirm that it’s real and authentic. Get a ring made out of it and slay!


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